What are the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven?

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We are all fascinated with solving mysteries We read novels and watch movies and sit
on the edge of our seats spellbound until at last the mystery is unraveled. Maybe God
put this in us so we would seek to understand the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven.

In his discourses, Jesus many times said that those with ears should hear.

Do you hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches? Do you understand the mysteries
behind the sayings and parables of Jesus Christ?

In the carnal apostate world of cheap grace, no room is left for works, yet God talks about
works. Such is the mystery, a mystery that is a treasure in a field, and a pearl of great price.
For which Jesus says to count the cost. It is something that we must take heed of and
embrace if we are to be disciples of Christ.

It will be objected that Paul warned the Galatians against seeking salvation through the
works of the law. This is true. Yet the mystery of salvation still must be understood.

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