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Soul Food


An examination of traditions ... A sequel to A Hand in the Crowd.

By Ron Decuir

(Free on-line PDF e-Book)

A Quest for truth and love… Memoirs of the Author’s struggle with sex, drugs, and insanity, and his discovery of truth, love and freedom. By Ron Decuir (Free on-line PDF e-Book)

As I have loved you …A Novella-  by Ron Decuir. Available as e-book or printed book on Amazon. A free 80% of content PDF sample is available from this link.

Can you draw a line beyond which you will not forgive the   offence of an enemy? Can you expect God to forgive you by   another standard than the one you use? Read  AS I HAVE LOVED YOU and decide.

This story dares to challenge the limitations the  church establishment places on the commandment of Jesus Christ to love our enemies. Ranging from gang war to nuclear Jihad, this fast paced book is set in the arena of the current mid-east tension between the United States, Israel and Iran. It leads the reader to examine the separate functions of church and state, and what it means to be a radical Christian who loves others the way Christ loves them. It does this by exploring a mystery: Why does God give the State authority to conduct war, yet he brings and demonstrates a message through Jesus Christ that the Church is to love their enemies, turn the other cheek, and not resist evil men?